Tbilissi 2015

On November 26-27, in Belgrade, the 39th General Assembly of European Olympic Committees convened. Georgian NOC participated in the Assembly along with 49 European National Olympic Committees. ‘Tbilisi or Brno?’ The Assembly of Olympic family in Belgrade had to decide which of these two candidate cities would host the 13th European Youth Olympic Festival in 2015.

As a result of secret voting, Tbilisi won with the advantage of 5 votes (26-21), which indisputably manifested as a beginning of a new era in countries sporting development.

The program of EYOF includes 9 sports: judo, tennis, artistic gymnastics, cycling, athletics, swimming, volleyball, handball and basketball. Over 4 000 athletes from 49 European countries will arrive in Tbilisi to participate in the Youth Olympic Festival. The sporting infrastructure of our city will be renovated according to the European standards and an ‘Athletes’ Village’ will be built.

Athlètes qualifiés


20. ROLKO Ricky (100m brasse, 36 participants) 1.07,10
27. ROLKO Ricky (200m brasse, 33 participants) 2.29,01
28. ROLKO Ricky (400m 4 nages, 28 participants) 5.00,35
48. PEREZ Maria (100m nage libre, 56 participants) 1.02,46
50. PEREZ Maria (50m nage libre, 51 participants) 29,05

21. TOURÉ Kany (100m haies, 23 participants) 14,73
21. DE SOUSA MOREIRA Soraya (200m, 23 participants) 26,76
30. DE SOUSA MOREIRA Soraya (100m, 36 participants) 12,82

CYCLISME (Time Trial)
8. PARROTTA Tristan (100 participants)
16. HARSCH Anne-Sophie ( 63 participants)
28. KOCKELMANN Raphaël ( 100 participants)
86. CONTER Ken (100 participants)

CYCLISME (Course en ligne)
16. HARSCH Anne-Sophie (69 participants)
16. PARROTTA Tristan (100 participants)
51. CONTER Ken (100 participants)
87. KOCKELMANN Raphaël (100 participants)

PIROTON Killian (-73kg, out au 1er tour de repêchage)
EGGERMONT Erwan (-83kg, out au 1er tour)

Galeries de l'événement

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