– Meet Team Lëtzebuerg - Ysaline Hibon

16 years old , Figure skating


Wat erwaarts du dir vun den EYOF Vuokatti?

From Vuokatti, I’m expecting to discover the Olympic spirit, and I want to enjoy every single moment  from it. I really look forward to the EYOF, I’m so thankful for having the chance to participate in such a big competition.


Wat sinn deng sportlech Ziler zu Vuokatti?

My goal in the EYOF is just to do my best and to skate with my heart, give people emotions while performing. The rest like technical elements for example should follow naturally.


Wat sinn deng Ritualer virun der Competitioun?

I’m superstitious when it gets to luck. This can sound quite funny, but I got a gemstone around 5 years ago, which brings me luck, so every competition morning, I take it in my hands make a wish about my upcoming performance.

Otherwise, while doing my warm up before to go on the ice, I close my eyes and visualize every jump from my program. It really helps me because it gives to my body the sensation of the jump, like if I did it in real.


Wat bedeit et fir Dech Team Lëtzebuerg zu Vuokatti ze vertrieden?

Being part of Team Lëtzebuerg for this EYOF means a lot to me, it’s a little piece of my biggest dream coming true. I feel very honored to be able to represent Luxembourg for this event with the other great athletes from this team.


Wien ass däin Idol?

I don’t have an idol in particular, I admire every high-level skater. You can really get inspired by each one of them (whether it’s Ice Dancing, Pair Skating or Single Skating Women and Men) because they are all unique and they all have different styles of skating. In skating, competitors have different choreographies on different music. To me, that’s what makes figure skating interesting to watch. My favorite skater is Carolina Kostner, we can really see that she is skating with her heart and that she loves what she’s doing. I also really admire Fleur Maxwell who represented Luxembourg in the 2006 Olympics in Torino. I remember watching her trainings at Kockelsheuer when I was smaller, she was very graceful.


Wat wënschs du dir nach fir Zukunft?

I’d love to participate in more of these big and prestigious competitions in the future. My biggest dreams, like a lot of athletes, are to take part as a competitor at the Europeans Championships, Worlds Championships and of course, the Olympics. Even if I know I don’t have the level required for these competitions yet, I will do my best to make my dream happen and I know I won’t give up, no matter how many years of hard work it will take.