Interview with Christine Majerus

16 août 2016

After the road race, what do you think of the course? Which one do you prefer compared to the course in London 4 years ago?

It was a hard lap just as predicted which made it probably the hardest race of the year. London was obviously way easier and you can’t compare two races. London was for punchers, sprinters Rio was for climbers.

How are you feeling after your competition in Rio? Are you satisfied with the result?

I achieved my goal in the road race which was improving my London result. I was scoring 15-20th so 18th is good. Considering how hard the lap was and that i am not a pure climber this is the best result.
I can do an that kind of lap. The TT was not satisfying but on the other hand it wasn’t my goal and participating was already half a Victory.

How are you going to spend the rest of your time here in Brazil?

Watching other sports. The whole year we just see cycling so to be able to see other sports and especially those where luxemburgish athletes are competing is a must.

Comparing to the Olympic Games from 2012 with 2016, which are you favorites?

Its better not to compare both because obviously European and south American standards and mentalities are different. Both of them Have been a great experience.

Although you may be used to competitions, how did you feel before it started?

Not necessarily nervous. There is anyway not so much you can change about your shape the week before a race.

Which part of the Opening Ceremony was the most impressive

I haven’t been on the Ceremony as we had the race 2 days later.

Interview with Christine Majerus

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